At this time when we are do not always feel comfortable trying clothing on we can offer this advice to follow to help you to shop sucessfully! if you come into the shop and try on rest assured that we quarentine everything tried and the fitting room is deep cleaned after every use.

Firstly grab a piece of paper, pencil and tape measure.

Or if you prefer we have complimentary ones in the shop and will provide you with advice on a one to one basis.

1. Measure yourself at the following vital points especially if you usually find a certain area problematic.

BUST = Measure over the fullest part of the chest under the arms and straight across the back.

WAIST = Measure 4cm above navel with the tape snug but not tight.

HIPS = Measure the fullest part of the body, generally 20cm below the waist.

TOP OF ARM = Measure over the fullest part of the arm at the fullest point with the tape snug but not tight.

INSIDE LEG = Measure from the crotch to the desired trouser length.

AROUND THIGH = Measure around the fullest part of the thigh with the tape snug but not tight.

2. When we measure a garment it is easier to lay the garment flat and measure across (see pic below) so we are using a half measurement rather than around the body so therefore once you have made a note of your around measurements you will need to divide each measurement by two or half it so for example if your bust measures 130cms around you write down 65cms do this calculation for each measurement.

3. Another tip is that if you have any clothing items that you love the fit of then you could also measure them and make a note of their measurements.

4. Always keep a tape measure in your handbag when you are out shopping.

5. Once you find an item you like the look of lay it flat and measure the garment.

Then compare the garment measurements to your body measurements this should give you an idea of whether it will fit you.

You can allow some ease depending on how you would like it to fit for example add 5cms if you usually wear a size bigger than usual.

The sketch below shows where to measure the flat garments.

6. If you have a stretch trouser or skirt, it has elastic on the waist or it is a drawstring style then simply lay the tape measure out flat and then extend the waist as much as would be comfortable and read the extended measurement.

  • If you buy the item try it on when you get home and it still does not look right for you then keep the tags on and return it within 10 days to recieve an exchange or refund. Any items returned after 10 days within 28 days are either an exchange or credit note.